Donald Trump and the Jorge Ramos Removal

Donald Trump’s notoriety grew on Tuesday yet again as the presidential hopeful sparred with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos at a press conference in Iowa. After Ramos began to ask a question out of turn, the two men exchanged words, and a member of Trump’s security staff briefly removed the reporter from the proceedings. Ramos later returned and asked his question, which sparked another war of words. Although many in the media have taken the side of Trump or Ramos, both deserve reproach for their poor behavior.

Ramos has been lauded by many for standing up to Trump, but the reporter deserves a barrage of criticism. Instead of impartially reporting on the news, Ramos came off as an activist attempting to throw a wrench in Trump’s campaign.

First, Univision’s top reporter instigated the entire incident by first speaking out of turn. Other media members were patiently waiting for their opportunity, but Ramos interrupted the press conference and refused to let it continue without getting answers to his questions.  Furthermore, the questions were worded with extreme prejudice and designed to paint Trump as a Hispanic’s worst nightmare. Yes, Trump has made many inflammatory comments that have outraged some in the Hispanic community. However, it’s not the job of a journalist to antagonize a presidential candidate.

The poor behavior didn’t end on Tuesday for Ramos. He used the incident as a springboard to launch a crusade against Donald Trump. The anchor appeared on the popular Spanish-language radio show Piolin por la Mañana Friday morning, where he imparted his personal views on the audience and took. He warned listeners that the most grave mistake Hispanics could make is to not take Trump seriously. Ramos lamented that Trump is a legitimate contender to become President, and it’s up to Hispanics to vote to ensure that does not become a reality. When was the last time a major journalist at a respected media outlet so publicly declared his or her political views and urged viewers to vote a certain way?

Although Ramos set a trap for Trump, the Republican contender handled the exchange very poorly. Trump began by repeatedly telling Ramos to “sit down” and instructed him to “go back to Univision” in an extremely rude manner. He came off as a pompous figure who lacks tact and the ability to deal with any semblance of a break from the script. If Trump can’t handle a reporter speaking out of turn, how can he be trusted to negotiate with hard-nosed world leaders on pressing matters of foreign policy? How will he ever pair with Democrats to reach bi-partisan agreements and “make America great again?”

Both men are in prominent positions that require a high level of professionalism and decorum. Trump is the front runner for the Republican presidential nomination, and Ramos is a decorated journalist that serves as a powerful voice for the entire Hispanic community. Yet, Tuesday’s incident was an immature exchange unbecoming of their respective positions. It’s about time these two grew up and learned how to deal with people they don’t always see eye-to-eye with.

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